What Makes My Information Credible?

-Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition & dietetics

-Completed 1,200 supervised practice hours in various professional settings through Marshall University's Dietetic Internship  

-Master of Science degree in nutrition & dietetics

-Licensed through the West Virginia Board of Licensed Dietitians and Registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) 

Making a life full of flavor and feelings.

I've been that girl who is very confused by food, but now I work with individuals who are either: Angry with, stressed about, or completely disregarding food, nutrition, and wellness.  All of these scenarios result in not enjoying food to it's fullest potential, and all aren't helping live life to the fullest. It's not their fault, and it's not just them; I see this everywhere I look. Why? A lack of information or wrong information. With education, a sensitive soul, and life experiences I aim to help others learn and love food - All sides of it. 

If you were at my table, there'd be music playing, fresh flowers and colorful Pioneer Woman dishes; you'd have a plate full of flavorful nutrients and my kitchen would be full of feelings. No matter your history, current health status, skills, or socioeconomic status; there's something for you regarding food to enhance your wellness.

*News Flash*

We all need to eat & health is the only life extender we have.


So, come pull up a seat and learn the facts about nutrition, learn the facts about food and the human body, get your apron and kitchen floor dirty, learn to cook for yourself, taste different flavors, listen to the music, put your soul in it, move your body, enjoy it, and feel all the feelings of being human. 

To me, that is the recipe for wellness. Let's be simply well (hu) mans.


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