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I'm a registered dietitian who loves to cook and bake.

It is not an oxymoron, it is everything.

My name is Meredith Stone Wellman.

I am West Virginia born and raised, a deep soul, a family gal, and a registered dietitian. I'm a complex woman working to live more simply and more fully. I believe food can be medicinal, Mother Nature is a great gym, and gathering around the kitchen table can heal a lot more than just hunger. I aim to help others stop chasing health, and start working on wellness. With my years of education and unique life experiences, I take the hard to understand and make it easier to understand. 

Simply. Well. Man.

What Makes My Information Credible?

-Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition & dietetics

-Completed 1,200 supervised practice hours in various professional settings through Marshall University's Dietetic Internship  

-Master of Science degree in nutrition & dietetics

-Licensed through the West Virginia Board of Licensed Dietitians and Registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)