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I am newly graduated from my dietetics graduate school program, newly 23, newly married with a new last name, and newly moved to another state in a kitchen of my own (Well, my husband's too, but I tend to claim the territory). Did you catch the emphasis on the word 'New'? I have blogged on Tumblr for years (http://shea-simplyliving.tumblr.com), but with all this "new", I thought it would be a good time to create a blog and start reaching out to others professionally.

I am a dietitian, in the heart and mind, and nothing makes me happier than to help others find their own happiness through health. I've learned a lot about "Wellness" through my life and education, and I have seen too often people confused and feeling defeated by the word "health" because of contradicting information in the media. That is even more reason for me to want to spread my expertise knowledge on my own.

With this site, you can contact me privately and we can work together to build a healthy lifestyle just for you, whether it be for help with recipes and meal planning, trying to feel good in your jeans again, or because you just want to join this path towards wellness. I will also share blog posts of things I enjoy that aren't necessarily about nutrition, because well, that is the other side of wellness. Come along and you too can be simply well. :)


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