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  • Meredith Stone Wellman, RD, LD

Dietitian in Your Cart: 'Natural' Labeling

"Grocery shopping is hard." -Every adult at some point in their life.

Whether it is because of money, time, lack of knowledge, hearing too many inaccurate facts, health concerns, having a lot of mouths to feed with all different opinions, or all the above plus some... I get it and I've been there! I too have struggled in every which way at the grocery store. Luckily, with time and FIVE years of studying health and nutrition, I have gotten better at grocery shopping and you can, too! The grocery store is your FIRST stop on a journey to wellness!

Therefore, I am starting a series on my blog called 'Dietitian in Your Cart.' It will (kind of) be like having a dietitian in your grocery cart if you clip it out and bring it along on your next store visit!

This week's topic is: 'Natural' labeling on food. I hope after reading you learn: 1. Generally, the simpler, the healthier 2. Everything does not have to be organic, fresh, and natural to be healthy. On the other hand, in my opinion, there is no BAD food that should be forbidden until the end of time. Every food fits into a truly healthy lifestyle. A lot of foods/drinks just have BETTER options that provide more nutrition and health benefits, and these should simply be consumed more often! A healthy life is all about balance. Check out below to see my BETTER options of some grocery store items on my list this week!

*A lot of grocery stores have dietitian services, ask! If not, seek out a dietitian to help you on you journey to health. It's what we do! If you are in my area, of course, reach out for my services provided!*

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Meredith Stone Wellman, RD, LD