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Dietitian in Your Cart: Cereal

I could eat cereal for every meal. It is always delicious and satisfying. For many, I know the grocery store shelves can seem like an endless maze to find the best cereal options. Colorful boxes with labels such as: More whole grains, gluten-free, protein packed, heart healthy, natural, organic, lower sugar, etc. Whether your cereal is for breakfast, snack, or dinner it is a good idea to make sure it is packed with nutrients to fuel your body! Don't get me wrong, Fruit Loops or Cookie Crisps taste good and should be enjoyed from time to time if you please. However, for everyday meals/snacks look to these tips and picks for a healthier day!

Incase you didn't guess it yet. This week's 'Dietitian In Your Cart 'topic: CEREAL

Screenshot, print, or take notes to help you at the store!

Please note, my recommendations are generalized and not specified to each individual's unique health needs. Individuals with specific health conditions (kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more) should speak to a registered dietitian for a client-centered approach for dietary needs.

Live in a bigger city? Many grocery stores have dietitian services available in store. Live in Small Town, USA? I am available for nutrition counseling via phone, Skype, or email. Email me at if interested!

Happy shopping!

"It is never too early or too late to be the healthiest you!"



Meredith Stone Wellman, RD, LD