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Dietitian in Your Cart: Whole Grains

After last week's post, I wanted to continue the topic and talk about whole grains, more than just cereal. I have heard so many individuals talk about their confusion with grains. I myself I have spent lots of time in the bread aisle trying to find the best choice, and that's with all my knowledge on the topic. So, don't let grains get you down. This nutritious food group can help you become more healthier with each bite. Learning how to shop smart and prepare meals with a variety of whole grains is just another hurdle you can get over on your path to a healthier lifestyle!

Print or screenshot this handout to take with you to the store!


Meredith Stone Wellman, RD, LD


Please note, my recommendations are generalized and not specified to each individual's unique health needs. Individuals with specific health conditions (kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more) should speak to a registered dietitian for a client-centered approach for dietary needs.

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