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Holiday Eats

When you think of the holidays what are the first things that come to mind? For me, loved ones and food are the top two. I instantly start imagining the smell of my Mom's homemade rolls filling every inch of the house, the taste of my grandma's famous Jell-O dish, and everyone gathered around the table enjoying the simplicity of being together.

As a dietitian, the holidays are really no different in my way of eating. I still try to be mindful of eating all the food groups, and I've found that just means finding festive ways to add fruits and vegetables. Check out this week's post below to help make the holidays health(ier) and more enjoyable for you and yours!

Are you near Columbus, OH and looking for a healthier cocktail mixer?

I have been lucky enough to meet the people behind Simple Times Mixers. Their products are top notch and offer a product that is SIMPLY delicious, which is hard to find in this specific market currently. If you do not drink alcohol or want to give the kids a special drink, it is a great juice base for which you can add sparkling water to make a refreshing beverage!

*I bought the Pomegranate Mule to bring to my next holiday dinner. Yum!*

Check out their Facebook page:


*Moderation for alcoholic beverages is 1-2 drinks/day, based on your gender and body size. Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday, too!


Kale Artichoke Dip: https://www.joyfulhealthyeats.com/kale-spinach-artichoke-dip/

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes: https://barefootcontessa.com/recipes/twice-baked-sweet-potatoes

Caprese Salad Skewers: https://www.stuckonsweet.com/caprese-salad-skewers/

Chocolate Chip Cookie Goodness *Can use dark chocolate chips: https://pinchofyum.com/the-best-soft-chocolate-chip-cookies


Have a happy holiday -- Check back after Christmas for my take on New Year's Resolutions!

Do you or someone you know need a dietitian? Email me at SimplyWellman@Gmail.com to talk about personal nutrition consulting. Yep, you can stay in your pajamas and work towards a healthier lifestyle all at one time.



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