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Give a Little Love to Your Heart: Heart Month and Valentine's Day

February is for American Heart Month and Valentine's Day. I wanted to combine the two and make heart-healthy treats for Valentine's Day. Keep reading for some nutrition information on how food can help your heart, as well as recipe ideas for you and your loved ones.

Who says Valentine treats are just for kids? These snacks and treats can be enjoyed by kiddos and adults... You betcha my husband will be getting these in his lunch on Wednesday!

Why not have fun with the holiday!

Please note, my recommendations are generalized and not specified to each individual's health needs. Individuals with specific health conditions (kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more) should speak to a registered dietitian for a client-centered approach for dietary needs.

Love Muffins

Heart Healthy Granola Bars

Adapted Chocolate Covered Katie recipe by adding pumpkin seeds, 72% dark chocolate chips, flax seeds, and replaced honey with Sunbutter. *Homemade granola bars are a great way to steer clear of cross contaminants with food allergies. Being allergic to peanuts, I am very cautious when choosing a store bought granola bar due to several reactions.

Apple of My Eye

I "Carrot" Express "Hummus" I Love You

Annnnd behind the cropped images... :)

Happy Love Day and Heart Month, Y'all!

"Hear your heart. Heart your health." -Fairth Seehill

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