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Spring Eats & Healthy Holiday Traditions

Easter is this weekend and I am so excited to make delicious and colorful recipes. To me, Easter (and springtime in general) is supposed to be bright and full of life. Keep reading for some tips on how to enjoy Easter healthfully. If you don't celebrate Easter, don't click off just yet, these recipes and tips can be used for any holiday or celebration.

First things first, let's talk about food!

Believe it or not, Easter and other holidays are not about the food... Buuuut let's be real it is part of the tradition and joy of the day! Before filling up your plate, take a minute to be grateful for the holiday, and enjoy the moment of being with loved ones--- The traditions and conversations going on.

When the cow bell has been rung and the meal is served, try to make your plate balanced. I'm talking colorful vegetables and fruit, a source of protein, and a starch. After dinner, choose the dessert you want the most, use a small dish to help with correct portion size, and ENJOY!

Savor the flavor of all the delicious foods you eat today!

Don't get me wrong, comfort foods are good for the soul and should be enjoyed, especially on a holiday. I like to make sure there are nutrient-dense, festive foods, to choose from as well. Too often we think

festive and healthy is an oxymoron, and that is not true! Exhibit A...

These are the recipes I will be bringing to the table:

Yesterday at the gym, I was on the treadmill watching The Pioneer Woman (My TV role model!) and she was making this appetizer. It was beautiful. She served it in a wicker basket, on top a bed of kale, and the spinach dip is placed in a halved cabbage! GENIUS. It makes a great impression, screams spring with the bright colors, and adds a great variety of fresh vegetables.

Picture from Food Network


Is it really a holiday if there aren't deviled eggs? No.

THESE deviled eggs I found are colored pink with beets, utilize more fresh ingredients than the traditional deviled egg recipe, and I will make them a little more nutritious by substituting half of the mayonnaise in the recipe with avocado

(1/4 C olive oil mayo, 1/4 C avocado).

Picture from


Don't forget to sip somethin' pretty! I love having a fancy drink on a special occasion. This recipe from Skinny Taste is popping with spring colors, has refreshing watermelon, lime, and mint, and no added sugar. It is alcohol-free, so kids and adults can enjoy! If you want to make it alcoholic, add 1.5 fl oz of vodka, rum, or tequila.

Picture from Skinny Taste

Second things second? Making healthier traditions.

Egg hunts, Easter baskets, and other gifts:

Get outside, get up, and move around! Help those kids hunt the eggs. No kids? Make an adult version Easter egg hunt. There is no shame in still acting like a kid, sometimes!

When my siblings and I were little, our eggs would mostly have stickers, erasers, bouncy balls, etc. in them. In the picture above, we put (1) Goldfish cracker in each egg. Still fun, at minimal cost for treats, and less sugar for little ones! They gasped with excitement when they opened each egg, it doesn't really matter what is inside!

My husband's family hunts the hard-boiled eggs they decorated. A great way to still have fun with the tradition, get outside and move around, and not even have to worry about adding any additional treats!

As for children's Easter baskets, or a springtime thoughtful gift, one can try to give useful items such as new socks, a toothbrush, a jump rope, a $5 iTunes gift card, or gifts they can CREATE and LEARN with, such as:

- $5 at Target, and teaches kids about growing plants (Also, they are SO cute!):

- $5 at Target, kids can paint, then it can be used outdoors:

- $1 at Target, let them paint/color, then hang outdoors or in a window:

-For edible treats, you don't need to leave them out, that's a little harsh and unnecessary! Teach children how to enjoy treats, have them in moderation instead of completely restricting them. Add a few pieces of their favorite candy, or a couple homemade cookies (Made with love, from The Easter Bunny...).

*All of these are small and about the price of a bag of candy, or less!

**All recommendations are from Target because I do not shop anywhere else. Their $1 and $3 bin is FULL of options! :)




Here's to spring FINALLY being in the air! ...I was over winter in January. Bring on the sunshine, flowers, and being able to walk/run outdoors more. What are your favorite parts of spring?