• Meredith Stone Wellman, RD, LD

Homemade Applesauce

Sweet. Tangy. Fresh. 

I went apple picking and had an abundance of (the most delicious) apples, so, after the homemade apple pie came homemade applesauce. If you have the opportunity to pick your own apples, or at least buy some locally grown apples, do it--- They taste so much better. 

What can you do with applesauce other than just eat it plain?

You can: Put it on plain yogurt, on oats, use as a dip for graham crackers, on bread with Sunbutter (or a nutbutter) in place of jelly, or on top of roasted pork or chicken.

When buying applesauce, I always choose unsweetened. However, since I was making it at home, I added a little WV local & pure honey to the recipe. This will help when using the applesauce to sweeten my plain yogurt, oats, or on pork. 

Note: This recipe makes 12 (1/2 C) servings --- (3) 2C Mason Jars.

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