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Explaining: Fruit, Sugar, and 'The White Stuff'

When I started this career path I never imagined I would one day almost have my Master's and be defending a potato and an apple... But, here I am...

Since being in the dietetics field, I have heard these two statements, in various forms, countless times:

"I don't eat fruit because it's just sugar."

"I have cut out 'all the white stuff'... I know white potatoes just turn into fat."

Yo! Please, let me explain because this physically hurts me to hear any more.




So, eat an apple and a potato if you WANT them, but include yellow, orange, purple & green fruit and veggies, other fibrous plants, heart healthy fats, and protein, too! Oh, and there is always room for a little homemade cookie or a piece of 72% dark chocolate if your heart so desires.

A potato should be the least of your worries!

Get your body moving, laugh a little, and get good sleep while you're at it. ;)

Don't complicate things! Just do the best you can today and try again tomorrow.

Questions? Just ask!

Also... so, food that could be classified as 'white stuff'... There's table sugar, but not brown sugar, marshmallows, vanilla icing, but not chocolate icing, whipped cream, half and half, cauliflower, great northern beans but not kidney beans, tilapia, water chestnuts, white rice, basmati rice, white bread, sourdough bread but not rye bread, white baked potatoes and greasy french fries, chicken, milk, plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt, icecream, salt, baking soda... No wonder people are confused.



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