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Meals for Failed Plans and Busy Times

With holidays coming up and 2019 just around the corner, it is hard to not "lose" ourselves in the midst of the hustle and bustle. We're all busy in our own little ways. This girl will be enjoying homemade goodies and days where I am more lazy than I should be. However, I still try to treat myself well with nutrition, movement, and self care so I have the energy to be my jolliest self.

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Although I've tried to make meal planning as simple as possible, there are still times where we are gone on the weekend and honestly do not have the time to prepare broccoli casserole or make a dish of oatmeal. I need my sleep and oatmeal isn't getting in the way of that.

So, I know if I am running into this problem, somebody else is too. I have made my list of quick snack grabs, this is my list of quick home-cooked meals that I find myself throwing together more often lately.

This post is for when you:

A. Your weekends are busy and you truly don't have time to prepare for the week ahead.

B. Have an unpredictable schedule, even if you have a meal plan it may not work out.

C. Planned, mentally or physically, but leftovers ran out...

D. All of the above!

Below you will find each meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

with different options for each.

1. The foods in reddish-pink are foods that I keep in my pantry, fridge, or freezer so I can throw a balanced meal together when plans fail and/or I don't have time.

2. You can use this to have backup options in your kitchen, or put them on the grocery list and use these for your meal options during a busy week. *Clicklist (or other similar services) is wonderful for when you do not have time to grocery shop!

3. These are all budget-friendly options that are nutritious, most can be left at room temperature, and they can all be thrown together in as little as seconds or up to ten minutes.


(You can drag and save images, screenshot or print off!)