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Simply Add Nutrition to Your Chips

"Life is too short to not enjoy chips.

Life is too long to not be mindful of our health."

More nutrition and better ingredients allows us to be more satisfied with food, and leaves our bodies and minds feeling better. #WinWin

Look for these packages next grocery store trip. The top two can be found at Kroger and Walmart, the root vegetable chips can be found at Kroger, but Walmart and other stores have similar options.

Does it really make that much difference to change our snack foods? Yes. Below is a comparison of the Food Should Taste Good Black Bean Multigrain Chips vs. Regular Cheetos. To sum it up, the black bean multigrain chips provide more heart-healthy/anti-inflammatory fat, less total fat and saturated fat, less sodium, more fiber, more protein, more iron, more potassium, more calcium. (Hint: All of that is positive!) They have the same carbohydrate amount (1g difference). Both do not have trans fat. Prices are comparable: $4.99, 11 oz. (Black Bean Chips) vs. $3.49, 8.5 oz. (Regular Cheetos).

Now, cheetos provide a much different taste and texture than the black bean chips. Cheetos are easier to find. Black bean chips don't leave a film of cheese dust on your fingers. I get that. This doesn't mean we can't have those traditional snack foods, it's about swapping and incorporating better foods, most of the time. There's room for it all! Make your choices.

If we want to feel good, we must put good things in. It may not fix everything, but it most certainly won't hurt. It just may help!


Happy chip dippin'!



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