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+ Quick, Nutritious Breakfasts.

Adding a balanced breakfast to your day can be a very powerful act to improve your health- Mentally and physically.

There are studies that show various benefits of consuming a nutritious breakfast, including:

  • Healthy weight establishment and management

  • Increased fruit and vegetable consumption

  • Increased fiber intake

  • Better performance (memory and attention)

  • Reduced night time snacking (excessive caloric intake)

Not a breakfast eater? You can train your body! Start by adding a nutritious breakfast tomorrow.

Psst... I get it that it takes time to plan and prepare- Your health is worth it, though, and there are ways to make it easier! Nutritious can be cheap, quick, and easy.

*Tip #1: Each week pick one or two quick breakfast options, add the ingredients you need to your grocery list & then set aside <5 minutes to throw it together. You. Can. Do. It.

*Tip #2: Use reusable containers or paper products so you can take it on the go if needed and aren't dirtying multiple dishes.

*Tip #3: Don't have all the ingredients? It's ok. Make do with whatcha got! Just quick oats + water or a couple hardboiled eggs is about as easy and cheap as it gets.

*Tip #4: It doesn't need to be picture perfect. These pictures are not what my breakfasts look like 90% of the time. My sleepy eyes don't care what it looks like.

Now, you're better equipped to tackle whatever the day sends your way. Start the day strong!


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