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Instead of words or a quote, my friend Brittany shared a demonstration on how to deep breathe. Do you breathe from your chest or your belly?

Through anxious feelings, belly breathing has been a saving grace for me. Psst.. She is also offering online yoga classes right now & always posts good tips on her Instagram!

Website: https://www.byogaandmassage.com

Instagram: @b.yoga.massage

Whether during a global pandemic needing to be more efficient with grocery store trips and budget, or when life returns to normal and we want to be equipped with more knowledge to better care for ourselves and our family... This is my take on kitchen staples. This is what works for me, take what you need! Kitchen staples don't mean you always have to have all of these items, but they are good to have some in stock if able. These are foods that I use a lot, are offering a wide range of nutrients, are fairly shelf stable and prevent food waste, and are mindful of a budget. Most importantly, they can be used to create many different recipes and meals.


Oatmeal Bowl Recipe

Tuna Salad from Kitchen Staples

Taco Night at Home

(Can swap meat/toppings/sides, recipe for homemade corn and flour tortillas linked.)

Pizza Night at Home

Homemade Bread:

This recipe is SO good; it's Julia Child's recipe so that isn't surprising. I have only made it once, but next time I make it I am going to try and do 1/2 whole grain (wheat and oat flour mixture) and 1/2 all-purpose, to add fiber. We'll see! Click for recipe.

Joanna Gaines' Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Joanna Gaines (Instagram: @joannagaines) has been posting a daily "task" to keep everyone connected, one day it was her homemade chocolate chip cookies. She is awesome and so are these cookies. These are simple, fairly quick, and delicious. Enjoy fresh from the oven, or make and freeze (good for up to 3 months). Click for recipe.

(Anything is welcome, but also more ready to eat options (granola bars, whole grain cereal, shelf-stable milk, canned soup, beans, water, fruit, baby food pouches...)

-Facing Hunger Foodbank (Huntington)

-Grace Food Pantry | For information, FB page: @gracefoodpantry

-Huntington City Mission

-Marshall University Food Pantry

These next two locations I saw were serving food, not sure about dates/times:

-Wayne County Community Center

-Dunlow Community Center



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